All About Nichiren Shoshu
Nichiren Shoshu means "Nichiren's true (or orthodox) sect."  As people who seek to practice purely and truly, exactly as the Daishonin taught, we adopt this name for ourselves. It is our goal to carve out a place where one can practice this wonderful Buddhism freely, without authoritarianism, without personal censure, and without hierarchy. Our only guide is the teachings as expounded by Nichiren Daishonin. 

To this end, we hope to clear up misinformation concerning the name "Nichiren Shoshu." It has sometimes been used incorrectly. For example, the current Nichiren Shoshu sect in Japan has been renowned for oppression of lay members and for valuing the self-serving ideas of priests over the pure original teachings of the founder, Nichiren Daishonin. In this way, the name of Nichiren Shoshu has been grossly dishonored. 

Here we present the ugly truth about that sect and hope to rejuvenate, reform, and revolutionize Nichiren Shoshu, through our reclamation of the name.

Many thanks to Mikio Matsuoka, who has provided much of the material here. This information has never before been presented in English.

Kathy Ruby, April 24, 2009
Lessons Learned . . . 
from the split with the priesthood 羚nt>
a personal journey of discovery

This material is still being developed.

  • Spirit of Equality
  • Become a Study Wonk!
  • Learn the Truth Behind the Headlines
  • Knowing Your Own Mind
  • Standing Up for What is Right
  • Buddhist Friends
  • Importance of the Sangha
  • It's a Lifelong Battle
  • What to Do When You're Discouraged
  • Resources
Myths of Nichiren Shoshu . . . 
discussion about important priesthood issues 
by reform priest Mikio Matsuoka
  • CV
  • Preface
  • First Thesis: Formation of the Myth That 襠Successive Chief Administrators Who Received the Specific Lifeblood of the Entity of the Law Are Absolute羚nt>
  • Second Thesis: Collapse of the Myth That 襲e Is a Secret Teaching Successive High Priests Alone Know羚nt>
  • Third Thesis: Fallacy in Myth That Chief Administrator Has Exclusive Right to Transcribe Gohonzon
  • Fourth Thesis: Myth of Deception in Fuji Schoolìaim of Its Pure 700-Year History
  • Appendix: Ten Questions to Mr. Nikken Abe
  • Afterword
Questions and Answers . . .
Open letters between reform priest Mikio Matsuoka and HP Nikken
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